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Our Mission

To enhance client bank growth and prosperity, and to build shareholder value for bank owners.

What we do

Bank Strategies LLC improves long-term financial institution profitability and equity valuation. Our teamof highly skilled and experienced professionals deliver a suite of broad based services targeted to mid and lower-tier asset size, community-based financial institutions.

We specialize in the areas of revenue enhancement and cost control, strategic opportunity assessments, strategic planning facilitation; and enhancing organizational corporate governance, risk management, and staffing and structure. Our risk management services support targeted risk areas such as credit risk management or broader-based enterprise risk management efforts.


Navigating the changing regulatory environment is a challenge for community based institutions. We are very adept in helping institutions navigate the regulatory environment, and respond to and address regulatory issues or concerns.


Our approach is very hands-on and begins with thoroughly understanding the client situation. This understanding can include a variety of activities depending on the project and specific client needs. Once there is collective agreement in the situation, we then develop actionable solutions custom designed to address client concerns and identified opportunities. We work with the client leadership team to develop implementation plans and teams to insure desired results are achieved.


Bank Strategies LLC is Denver, Colorado based and has been providing assistance to financial service clients since 1982.


Bank Strategies, LLC produces a periodic email covering a variety of topics including those shown on this web site in the "Our Thoughts" tab plus others that we do not add to this web site.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Jim Swanson at Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com with the term "Subscribe me" as the subject line of the email.  Thank you.

Contact Information

Phone: 303-903-9369

Mail: 75 S. Joyce Street, Golden CO 80401

EMail: Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com